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We translate printed document from Indonesian to English (American, British, or Australian), and vice versa.



We base our proofreading service on 4Cs standard: Correct, Clear, Coherent, and Concise

We check the grammar, meaning, and coherence from sentence to the entire document written in English.

What we do is more than just correcting grammar; we ask for clarifications and provide suggestions



We convert audio file (webinar and/or interview) into text for subtitle or transcription.

If necessary, we translate the subtitle/transcription based on clients’ demand.

The finished file would be in .txt, .srt. or .sbv



We conducted interpreting (verbal translation) from Indonesian to English and vice versa, either consecutive or simultaneous, for onsite or online webinar.

What We Do

We work on a vast range of documents that include but not limited to:
  • Report
  • Academic journal articles
  • Thesis and dissertation
  • Handbook and guide
  • Regulations
  • Video transcripts
  • Research instruments
  • Web content
  • Abstracts
  • And others
We are familiar with the following fields/subjects:
  • Agriculture
  • Animal science
  • Biology
  • Public Health
  • Medicine and Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Geology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Socio-politics
  • International Law
  • Humanities
  • Education, Training, and Culture

Our clients have successful publications in high-impact journals

Other Publication

Women Digital Ambassadors: Drivers of financial inclusion in rural areas of Indonesia

March 2022 – MSC (Translation)

Cooperatives are often encouraged to embrace modernization and digitalization. Yet, how prepared are they to undertake this journey? The problem tends to be more challenging, especially for women’s cooperatives in the rural areas, which are constrained in terms of access and skills to use digital platforms.

Digital Competitiveness Index. Towards Indonesia’s Digital Golden Era

February 2022 – Katadata for East Ventures (Translation)

East Ventures, a pioneering sector-agnostic venture capital firm of investment in technology startups and the most active in Indonesia, together with Katadata Insight Center and PwC Indonesia launched the East Ventures – Digital Competitiveness Index 2022 (EV-DCI 2022).

Seroprevalence of antibodies against SARS-Cov-2 in the high impacted sub-district in Jakarta, Indonesia

23 Juli 2021 – CISDI, Indonesia (Proofreading)

The anticipated financial and health impacts of smoking exposure on children’s status of malnutrition have been of global concern. Albeit the emerging double burden of malnutrition along with the remarkably high prevalence of smokers in Indonesia, few studies have examined the impacts of parental smoking on child nutritional status. Using a balanced panel data of the Indonesia Family Life Survey (IFLS), we analyzed the extent of parental smoking effects on the likelihood of stunting, thinness, and overweight on children. We employed a Probit Random Effect Model with Mundlak correction to remove the endogeneity issue and estimate the impact of parental smoking (smoking status and smoking intensity) on child malnutrition status. The finding showed that paternal smoking status could increase child’s stunting by 3.73 percentage points and that one extra cigarette stick consumed by a father per day (paternal smoking intensity) could raise children’s probability of thinness, stunting, and overweight by 0.16, 0.24, and 0.09 percentage points, respectively. Overall, exposure to paternal smoking increases the risk of stunting, thinness, and overweight in children. Key policies in tobacco-control should be encouraged to reduce the potential long-term effects of paternal smoking on the future human capital and economic growth in the country.

Through Thick and Thin: Do Parental Smoking Behaviors Affect the Children’s Stunting, Thinness, and Overweight Status?

23 Dec 2021 – CISDI

Understanding the actual prevalence of COVID-19 transmission in the community is vital for strategic responses to the pandemic. This study aims to estimate the actual infection of COVID-19 through a seroprevalence survey and to predict infection fatality rate (IFR) in Tanjung Priok, the hardest-hit sub-district by the COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia.



TOEFL ITP Preparation

Online course for private, small group, or class.

4-16 meetings to discuss and practice Listening, Structure, and Reading skills.

Courses include modules, full practice, and mock test.


IELTS Academic Preparation

Online course for private, small group, or class.

8-24 meetings to discuss and practice Listening, Reading, Writing, and Listening skills.

Courses include modules, full practice, feedback, and mock test.


IELTS Prediction Test

A 3.5-hour online test using the actual IELTS Test for band score prediction.

Contact Artimure: 081226417420 for schedule and pricing of TOEFL and IELTS Preparation


Professional career and personal development (By Lavvani)

We offer various services that include:
  • Trainings for employees and university students
  • Workshops and masterclasses of personal growth and career
  • Private counselling session
  • Master of ceremony
Our topics are listed below:
  • Mental health: anxiety, depression, bullying, quarter life crisis, becoming the best version of you, etc.
  • Career: career preparation, job interview, healthy and unhealthy workplaces, climbing the career ladder, workplace diversity, etc.
  • Public speaking and business presentations
All modules will be delivered by Nabila Advani B.Sc (Psych) M.IntlBus, a professional of psychology and business background from Curtin University Australia. Contact us: 0813 1072 3586 Instagram: @bilaadvani
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